Item collection 1743213 original

Hand-crafted Tiger Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1743155 original

Hand-crafted Owl Tree Moon Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1667731 original

Hand-crafted Yellow & Black Batman Post Stud Earrings


Item collection 1743151 original

Hand-crafted Banana Monkey Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1683999 original

Hand-crafted Teacher Apple W/ Worm Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1667040 original

Hand-crafted "Skullifly" Butterflies w/ Skull Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1683978 original

Hand-crafted Black Heart Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1669064 original

Hand-crafted Orange & White Koi Fish Post Stud Earrings w/ Rhinestones


Item collection 1667093 original

Hand-crafted Boston Cream-Filled Doughnut Post Stud Earrings


Item collection 1667086 original

Hand-crafted Blue Jay Bird Dangle Earrings


Item collection 1667016 original

Hand-crafted Mice Dangle Earrings w/ Cheese Charms


Item collection 1665100 original

Hand-crafted Pink Patched Up Heart Pin/Brooch w/ Rhinestones


Item collection 1665099 original

Hand-crafted Strawberry Shortcake Sour Grapes Post Stud Earrings


Item collection 1659510 original

Blue Teal Hand-painted Hairsticks w/ White Vines


Item collection 1659561 original

Hand-crafted 8-Ball Post Earrings


Item collection 1659893 original

Hand-crafted Red Pink Ribbon Swirl Dangle Earrings w/ Heart Charms


Item collection 1662465 original

Hand-crafted Red Cardinal Bird Dangle Earrings


The Wilted Garden

Thank you for visiting my shop, where all of my items are a hand-crafted treasure sure to bring a smile to your face. If you're looking for something specific, please email me as I LOVE to do custom work. If you have an opportunity, please check out my website: and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Although my items go through a rigorous durability test of two children under the age of seven, I don't recommend my items for ages 12 and under. They will withstand normal wear and tear but are still hand-crafted fragile beauties and can be broken if not handled properly.